My name is Christine Vermeersch. I am a doula and also a mommy of six children. I love to assist women with their births and I have had the privilege to witness this most sacred event for several years. When I am not helping mommies birth their babies I enjoy spending time with my own children, knitting, reading and gardening.

My Birth-philosophy! Very simple, I do not have one! I believe that it is up to you to give me a birth philosophy. Meaning I will support You in Your vision and Your desire for Your birth. It is my goal to prepare you and your partner to birth this baby together in complete love, and to trust in the power of a woman’s body.

My part in your birth! It is my goal to educate you in choices and options, to give you the power to make educated and well informed decisions. I am always by your side with soft voice and gentle hands to guide you and your partner with breathing techniques, position changes, massage and a myriad of relaxation exercises. I will help you make a birth plan and remind the nurses and yourselves of choices and preferences stated in your birth plan.. At all times do you have the freedom to change your mind. A birth plan is written on paper, not set in stone and it can be changed accordingly during labor.

What do I bring to your birth? Most importantly and open mind, gentle hands a compassionate heart and a positive vocabulary.

My bag of tricks includes:
  • A birthball
  • A Labor link
  • TENS unit
  • CDs
  • Organic essential oils to help with discomfort, nausea etc..
  • Handheld massagers
  • Aromatherapy sprays for relaxation and focus
  • Bach Flower Essences, tinctures, creams and lozenges
  • Battery operated candles
When you decide to hire me as your doula, the following will happen:
  • We will meet two or three times, to get to know each other and to talk about your expectations, concerns, procedures etc...
  • You must call me when you think labor has started, whether you need me or not. I shall come to your home or meet you at the hospital.
  • I will stay with you at all times during labor and birth.
  • I will stay with you several hours after the baby is born.
  • We will have two postpartum visits or more as needed.
Tanya Smith-Johnson says...
First and foremost, words can not express how grateful i am for finding Christine. show full testimonial

Christine Ehrlich says...
Christine was an invaluable resource during the later weeks of my pregnancy. show full testimonial

Karen Roos says ...
I highly recommend working with Christine Vermeersch as a doula. show full testimonial

Lisa Bello says ...
would highly recommend Christine. I was immediately comfortable having her in my home. show full testimonial

Martha Vaisberg Correl says ...
Christine is an extremely compassionate, open-minded and intuitive doula. show full testimonial

Charla Alino says ...
...She is wonderful. Very passionate, motivated and great at what she does... show full testimonial

Melissa says ...
...I was looking for a strong, kind woman to help me stay calm and focused during my labor... show full testimonial

Z. Khan says ...
Christine was a great help during my pregnancy and labor... show full testimonial

Delores Montgomery says ...
Christine was a lifesaver for us... show full testimonial

Mia K says ...
Words can't express how fortunate I am to have had Christine as my Doula. ... show full testimonial

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I'm so glad we decided to have Christine as our doula! ... show full testimonial

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Once I met Christine I knew instantly that I wanted her to be our doula. ... show full testimonial

Animesh says ...
Thank you so very much for everything ... show full testimonial

Shira Sandford ...
Christine was amazing... I can't say enough how thankful I am for her, and I highly recommend her show full testimonial

Amarachi Okorie ...
I can't recommend her enough! show full testimonial

Ikechukwu Ibeawuchi ...
she's indeed worth every cent you invest and much more show full testimonial

Casey Wilke ...
Having Christine at my birth was the best decision I could have made show full testimonial

Rashmi Raghu ...
Christine Vermeersch is an amazing doula. show full testimonial

Marta Antoszkiewicz ...
Christine was a wealth of knowledge during our pregnancy show full testimonial

Karen Lo ...
She was very easy to talk to, and was a wealth of knowledge show full testimonial

Jennie Furer ...
I would choose Christine as my doula 100%! show full testimonial

Jo Winn ...
I would recommend Christine to anyone and everyone planning to have a baby. show full testimonial

Neta Benhorin ...
Christine is a wonderful person and Doula... show full testimonial

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She was great!... show full testimonial

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Christine impressed my husband and I right away... show full testimonial

Jessica Quintero Avery ...
...I believe that I have truly met a friend for life... show full testimonial

Melanie A-K ...
...helped me have a positive birth experience... show full testimonial

I provide two pre-natal visits, during which we make a birth plan and talk about your desires and vision for this birth. A birthplan is not imperative but it is nice to have a reminder of what your initial wishes and desires were.I have an extensive library from which you are free to borrow books.When labor starts I will come to your home or I will join you and your partner in the hospital. I will help you and your partner with your birth, be liaison between you and family members waiting in the waiting room. I will keep the space for you so you can birth in a safe and nurturing environment.Most importantly I will make sure that your wishes are respected. I will stay with you for a few hours after birth to help with breastfeeding. If you have chosen placenta encapsulation, I will pack and prepare the placenta for transport. One or two postpartum visits usually at one week and two weeks after birth, or as needed! I will be on call for you two weeks before your EDD. I welcome family members in the birthroom as long as they are respectful of your space and wishes.

Sometimes the best laid plans need to be changed, if that is the case I will provide a back-up for you. This doula will be a very close match to my own personality and energy.

  • My fee is $1200 dollars, payable in two installments.
  • At 32 weeks of gestation or signing of the contract $500 is due.
  • At 38 weeks of gestation or the last prenatal visit the remainder of $700 is due.
  • If contract is signed after 37 weeks of gestation then the full amount is due at that time.
  • I also offer belly casting for an additional fee of $150 .
  • Upon request I will provide postpartum services for $25/hour.

Service Area: I am located in south San Jose and I serve families in the South Bay from Redwood City to the north, through Santa Cruz to the south and Monterey. Serving all Kaiser Hospitals, Sequoia Redwood City, Stanford, El Camino Mountain View, El Camino Los Gatos, Good Samaritan, O'Connor, Sutter Santa Cruz, Dominican Hospital Santa Cruz. I also work at all birth centers and love to be part of your home birth.

(408) 448-5122

(408) 912-6299

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin

Ina May's Guide to a Natural Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding by Ina May Gaskin

Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper comes with a CD

Childbirth Without Fear by Grantly Dick-Read

A Child is Born by Lennart Nilsson also has a very beautiful video.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Jack Newman

Birth Reborn by Michel Odent

The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Childbirth by Henci Goer.

The Waterbirth Book by Janet Balaskas

All these books are available for you to borrow from my personal library